Total Access Marketing

Evolution of Network Marketing

Eric Hoffer said “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

We in the network marketing profession find ourselves in this exact situation.  Our business opportunity landscape has changed.  Everything from regulatory scrutiny to ever-changing consumer buying habits.  We find the income opportunity, compensation plans and tools for success are ever-changing. The key to financial success is Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s). MSI’s, not just from the expansion of the network, but from the number and types of actual income channels available. We must evolve with the times.  We must change in order to stay relevant.  Albert Einstien said that, “we cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” And yet, established leaders, both on the corporate side as well as the independent distributor side, are doing exactly that.  They are using the same thinking that created the problem to try to solve the problem.

We are at a crossroads, a moment in time where as network marketing professionals what we have done in the past will not sustain us.

Adapt and change with me to total access marketing.  This is absolutely the best entrepreneurial opportunity in a generation.

North America Big Investment Big Growth

Access to Multiple Streams of Income

People don’t resist change, they resist being changed” 

Total Access Benefits

Formerly know as Direct Sales
Evolution of Network Marketing
Traditional Retail
Brick-and-Mortar Stores
Affiliate Marketing
Stock Incentives
Stock Title Bonuses
Be an Owner
Online Marketing Systems.
Robust Platform and Tools.
Medical Sales
19 Patents
Human Clinical Trials Completed
Industry Best Comp Plan
Fast Start, Uni level, Bonus Pools
Dynamic Compression, Award Travel

Common Questions

We’ve always believed we are the most exceptional opportunity in the Direct Sales Industry; the merger only validates that fact. Now we’ve passed the litmus test of Wall Street. Backed by financial giants like T-Rowe Price, Prudential, and Black Rock, New Age Morinda is the fastest growing healthy beverage company in the world (and we’re set on being #1).

Direct-to-consumer is the next evolutionary platform for commerce in the market today, (think Amazon). Yet it isn’t a new concept, it’s what we’ve been doing in the network marketing industry for decades. As the direct-to-consumer concept is further established in the marketplace, our system as a “true” direct-to-consumer format will appeal to younger generations and older alike, as well as to those who may not have been open to it. The opportunity for home-based business owners is more exciting than it ever has been before.

Total Access Marketing (TAM) provides income opportunities from multiple sources all within one company, Morinda. In addition to traditional network marketing compensation, other income streams include traditional retail, affiliate, e-commerce, and stock ownership, which are all designed to help you earn money faster. Morinda’s array of cutting edge, red-hot-market-trending products include: patented and human clinical trial proven medical products, CBD products, Collagen, Noni juice (the world’s leading superfruit), and an extensive portfolio of Noni-based health and beauty products. All of these product lines are customized to fit within the TAM structure and to maximize your opportunity for financial freedom.

The key is Total Access Marketing. New Age beverage is a powerhouse in the healthy beverage industry, with a portfolio of brands that will add additional streams of income to the Morinda opportunity. The Marley brand alone has 70M followers on Facebook! This reach grants unprecedented access and exposure to massive demographics and new consumers on a scale that creates a big vision of opportunity. The consumption of these products in the retail space offers an emotional connection and comfort in brand familiarity that also supports our marketing strategy.

To be the #1 healthy beverage company on the planet, overtaking the unhealthy beverage industry.

This will allow Morinda to expand and aggressively grow because it will enable us access to Wall Street funding. This is funding we need to overtake the unhealthy beverage industry and become the largest healthy beverage company in the world.

No. Morinda promotes a health and beauty culture. Noni juice, world-class noni-based health and beauty products, and New Age beverages and technologies power this culture.

CBD + noni shots are coming soon. As research emerges about how Noni makes CBD work more effectively, these products are continuing to amaze us. Noni + CBD will be the game-changing product. It offers exclusivity, uniqueness, and is differentiated by merging the power of CBD (the hottest health product on the market), with the proven health benefits and effectiveness of Noni. In addition to the CBD line, exciting new products are always on the horizon that will expand the current portfolio of world-class skincare, beauty, and internal health products.

We saw the merger as a vehicle to accelerate global expansion, to add absolute value and validation to our company and opportunity, to extend the diversification of income opportunities via Total Access Marketing, and to help achieve our purpose of offering a system for financial freedom.

Morinda offered expanded channels of distribution, an active sales force over 300K strong, presences in over 60 countries, 4 bottling facilities. All of these aspects accelerate our ability to become the healthiest beverage company in the world.

By partnering with Morinda, you not only own your own business, but you can also automatically participate Stock incentive as a part of Total Access Marketing. You can earn stock in the company by doing regular business building activity. Owning your own Morinda business in 2019 has never been more exciting!

Focus Friday – New Age Beverage and Morinda Merger

Relaunch North America!

  • 25 year giant in the network marketing industry
  • Merged with publicly traded New Age – the Nasdaq’s hottest stocks
  • $7.5 Billion in worldwide sales
  •  $3.8 Billion commissioned
  • $100 Million in capital raised for aggressive, massive expansion

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