Is It Time?

14 Hints You Are Ready To Pivot and CHANGE DIRECTIONS In Your Life

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You’re here because you’re ready for a change, but you’re not quite sure how to commit to a new life. “Pivot” shouldn’t be a scary word, and change shouldn’t be a foreign concept. Why? Because it’s in our nature to change regularly—we just don’t realize it. 

We find ourselves at an extraordinary moment in time.  It is never good when your regular life gets shifted by factors beyond your control. It really sucks.  And it’s going to hit many people really hard.  Maybe you.  Maybe me, too.  Your normal life Plan A has been shot to hell. But we are smart people, and smart people look for a way to turn lemons into lemonade.

Do you need a Plan B?  

Download this free report and request your 15 minute mentoring session with Personal Lifestyle Coach, Dennis Estes.  Dennis has helped hundreds of people, from all around the world to Live Life by Design, not by default. As a Personal Lifestyle Planner Dennis can help you

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About the Author

Dennis Estes

Lifestyle planner, Motivational speaker, Serial Entrepreneur

Dennis Estes is a world-renown network marketing professional at Morinda, a personal lifestyle planner, motivational speaker, business coach, and expert on home-based businesses. The “Life Unleashed Philosophy” will teach you how to set priorities and discover the proper balance in each aspect of your life that can help you achieve your definition of success!