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Live Life by Design 9.5 – Pivot and Change


We live in a time of extraordinary change. Life as we have known it is dramatically different than ever before. Home is the new multi-functional hub. It is now the office, the school, the gym, the safe haven, the restaurant, the retail store, and more. We can choose to accept that times have changed and look to design a life around those changes. Or, we may resist those changes and choose to live life by default, constantly buffeted by the changing world around us. In times of crisis, there is always opportunity. We can focus on the crisis, or we may choose to focus on the opportunity. I have prepared a 10-page report 14 Hints You’re READY to PIVOT & Change Direction In Your Life. After reading the report, leave me a message, and we can schedule an appointment to discuss the direction you want to go with your life.


House of brands

Redirect consumer’s spending on products they are already using but that are superior in every way. And it’s not about one product, one industry; it’s about having on-trend health-building products covering 5 massive categories: energy drinks, skincare, weight-loss, personal care, health and wellness. $4.8Trillion market, your share of that is yours for the taking. NewAge is one of the most powerful global companies on the rise.

It’s time compensation

Go into business with us, we split every dollar with you 50/50. Don’t trade hours for pay. Choose from 8 different ways to get paid, it’s up to you.

Timing: our normal way of life has been exposed

The events of the last year have exposed our vulnerabilities. Now is the time to do something about it. Diversify, a side hustle. We have figured out how to create a new stream of extra income. If you have a smartphone, you can do this business. Our business is thriving. We can show you how.

Part 6: Rick Redford NewAge Opportunity Interview

NewAge and Technology. The challenge in our industry is attracting a younger demographic. tap into the influencer network. NewAge is beta testing for the first time, an opportunity where the influencer network and the network marketing reward mechanism comes together. With new technology, NewAge is disrupting the industry by closing the gap between influencer and network marketing strategies.

Part 5: Rick Redford NewAge Opportunity Interview

Rick’s special invitation to the seasoned networker, and ask yourself: are you adding value where you are, do you have it in you to go again, what if you had one more opportunity, with the right vehicle and the right people to influence the future? With NewAge, all the key elements are in place. It is an open environment, a public entity with funding mechanisms that other companies can’t compete with.

Part 4: Rick Redford NewAge Opportunity Interview

Rick explains the NewAge compensation plan’s unique features that are getting seasoned networkers’ attention around the industry. This Patent-pending multiline pay builders a true fifty cents on the dollar, “infinity wide and infinity deep.”

Part 3: Rick Redford NewAge Interview


NewAge breaks the industry’s norms by crushing the traditional power imbalance between field and corporate, giving more power to the field. NewAge has an independent representative Bill of Rights. With NewAge, reps have the right to opt-out of contractual changes, compensation plan changes, any change at the corporate level, and maintain the original contract they agreed to when they signed up. Seasoned leaders are joining NewAge based on this revolutionary concept alone. NewAge is setting a new standard of distributor and corporate relations.

Part 2: Rick Redford NewAge Interview


Why NewAge? Ricks explains why NewAge is today’s most disruptive opportunity in our industry. “There is no other logical choice” with an executive team that has a track record of hundreds of years of combined success in network marketing in the public arena, a patent-pending compensation plan paying a true 50 cents on the $1, and as a house of brands setting new standards in trendsetting product offerings and quality assurance. NewAge is a $600M startup with 25 years and $7B in revenue; the timing with NewAge is now.